NAZIONALE LUPPOLO FRESCO - 2019 edition, is the harvest craft beer by Baladin, which uses fresh hop flowers.



Nazionale Luppolo Fresco - 2019 edition - is the harvest craft beer by Baladin, which uses fresh hops flowers.

At the end of summer, hop is harvested and used in a short period, to transfer the maximum expression and its aroma’s freshness into a new version known as harvest.

So Baladin characterizes his Nazionale, a symbol of Italy and of the connection with agriculture: from the Earth to the Glass.

A limited edition only in keg.

Since 2011 Baladin made the first 100% Italian craft beer by using only Italian raw materials to create its Nazionale. Following the philosophy of supporting a short and national supply chain, the company became a farm brewery. The intention is an actively engaging in supporting our message and taking the responsibility towards our customers, from the fields till the glass.


Discover Nazionale Luppolo Fresco 2019!


Baladin staff - farmers, brewers and distributors – is waiting for Nazionale Luppolo Fresco with great emotion because it tells the work of them all.

The best way to taste it, is to consume it fresh… and so, hurry up.