Nazionale Gluten Free – Wins the World Gluten Free Beer Award




The World Gluten Free Beer Award is the unique world contest that judges only gluten free beers.

Organised by the Non Solo Glutine association, it is now at the sixth edition: 54 gluten free beers were enrolled to prove the increasing interest of producers to propose beers for celiac people.


Nazionale Gluten Free wins in low and high fermentation category – special and spiced beers.

 A result, which makes us really proud and rewards the efforts made to create a craft beer full of body and aromas, even if it is gluten free.

We did it by aiming high and handling one of Baladin's most loved beers: Nazionale, a Made in Italy symbol and the first Italian beer exclusively produced with raw materials from Italian territory.

Therefore, Nazionale Gluten Free is 100% Italian.

From the original recipe, formerly with a low gluten percentage, we add Carnaroli rice. This ingredient contributes to fully respect the EU Community regulations of 20 parts for million.

The working team idea was the creation of a beer, that can be enjoyed by everyone.

A veiled yellow color where the scent is a balance between the fruity, herbaceous and malty components.

When sipped it shows the richness of its aroma and the great personality of rice, which gives dry notes and more drinkability.

Nazionale Gluten Free is a very versatile and flexible beer. It can be paired with vegetables, cheese, fish and gluten free pizza.

Discover Nazionale Gluten Free!