Nöel gentile – the Christmas beer

Baladin celebrates Christmas with its Nöel craft beer. The base is its beloved Leön dark beer, made special and unique with the addition of a spice that changes every two years.

Christmas 2021 celebrates the land of Piedmont and one of its most precious products: Tonda Gentile hazelnuts, used as a special ingredient to create Nöel Gentile.

The first experiments adding hazelnuts in the brewing process date back to 2017, with Super Gentile. As in Nöel Gentile, the fibrous part of the nut and the thin skin covering it were used.

A light roasting gives the hazelnut character to the beer. When smelling and tasting Nöel Gentile, hints of roasted malt and cocoa complement the hazelnut notes.

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Nöel Gentile is ideal to pamper yourself on chilly winter days and to celebrate. Enjoy it with dry pastries and the ultimate Italian Christmas cake: panettone.

Baladin presents it in combination with its panettone cakes: delicious examples of pastry art made with the addition of precious gems from Teo Musso's Reserve - Xyauyù and Beermouth - and worked by the skillful Albertengo master pastry chefs.