Moreno Cedroni cooks octopus with ISAAC

Moreno Cedroni is a great, Two Michelin Star chef. With his recipes, he expresses all the abundance and beauty of the sea. His choice of our craft beer Isaac to cook octopus makes us very excited and proud.

Moreno is a good friend of Baladin and Teo. It does not come as a surprise that he has chosen Isaac, as he is a long-time fan of this beer.

A wonderful video was shot in his kitchen at the restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, in cooperation with Italia Squisita. It shows how to cook octopus using none other than Isaac.

Why does he use beer to cool the octopus? How can you make Isaac into a foam and a mayonnaise?  

Have we tickled your curiosity? Find all the answers in the video recipe.



Isaac is a symbolic beer for Baladin, and Teo dedicated it to his first born son. It is a blanche-style wheat beer characterized by citrus notes that come from Sicilian oranges. And it is 100% Italian: all ingredients are grown in Italy.

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