Let’s welcome the Baladin Advent Calendar

The time has come: we can announce the 2022 Baladin Advent Calendar.

We come to this day filled with emotions: the excitement for this new project and the pride in the work we have done. The Baladin Advent Calendar is a box designed to accompany Baladin fans through the most magical 24 days of the year! 

What does the Advent Calendar contain? The best of our craft production: beer, beer cocktails, great classics, all our 2022 limited editions... and a surprise to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

The Baladin Advent Calendar, with brand new graphics full of icons, will be with you from December 1 to 24. Follow the clues on each door and you will find the directions that will take you to the doors to be opened next. 

Behind each door, you will find information on the product it contains. Scan the QR code inside the box to access the product sheet, where you will find the perfect food pairing suggested by the master brewer.