Baladin Italian Alley, the beer dedicated to the new, innovative dining concept in Camden Market, London


Over the years, Baladin has opened several pubs and bars in Italy to shorten the distance with its public of beer lovers.

Some places have also been opened outside of Italy - such as Ryad Baladin in Morocco or Baladin Zanzibar - but it’s with this involvement in the Italian Alley project, at Camden market in London, that we are able to export our idea of Italian food paired with Italian craft beer abroad.

Five restored railway arches along a cobbled stone alley host five modern concepts of Italian traditional cooking, though reinterpreted as high quality street food. Each has its own personality, with the aim of offering the best possible experience for all tastes.  BRACE (BBQ); FOCACCERIA NAZIONALE (Roman-style pizza); CIAMBOTTA (filled bread bowls); POLPETTA (meat, fish and vegetable balls); SEMOLA (pasta). Once the choice is made, guests can eat their food at shared tables in the alley.




Draft Baladin beer is available at all five food stalls, symbolically joining them. All restaurants serves BALADIN ITALIAN ALLEY, which has been especially created for this project but will also be available in Italy.





A delicate light colored,  skillfully spiced beer, with a low alcohol content. With just one sip, it expresses the philosophy that the Baladin farm brewery follows in creating its beers, and brings a touch of Italian uniqueness to London.


Baladin Italian Alley is only available on tap.


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