Gold medals for Nazionale and Mielika!

BeerAttraction, the most eagerly awaited beer fair of the year, ended yesterday.

We returned to Piozzo happy and full of positive energy thanks to the incredible interest shown in the Beer Revolution project and in the Open Hub and the great results obtained in the Beer of the Year 2024 competition.

 Baladin, out of 2153 beers in competition and as many as 255 participating Italian breweries, won 4 important awards:

Nazionale: gold medal, in the Belgian Blond category

Mielika: gold medal, in the Honey Beer category

Xyauyù Barrel: silver medal, in the Barley Wine category

Xyauyù Oro: bronze medal, in the Barley Wine category

Congratulations to all the production staff who demonstrate that they always maintain the high quality of our craft beer.