From the Earth to Beer. A range of 100% Italian, craft keg beer!



The project From the Earth to Beer embodies Baladin’s commitment to promote craft beer made entirely with Italian ingredients.

A challenging endeavor, yet perfectly in line with our Because Beer is Earth principle, which turned the brewery into a farm brewery and pushed it to invest in the cultivation of products that are new to Italy, such as hops.

Water from the Alps, Italian barley and cereals, Italian hops, Italian spices - when used - and an exclusively selected yeast grown at our own labs.

Exceptional ingredients from our land, which shine in the 100% ITALIAN Baladin beers.

A new step in this whole process is the creation - for the first time in Italy – of a range of 100% Italian keg beers.

  • IPPA – available from Monday, February 17
  • SUD di Baladin – available from Monday, February 17– limited edition
  • Baladin 4.8 – available from Monday, March 2
  • Nazionale – a Baladin classic: the first 100% Italian beer created in 2011.


ico_LIPPADiscover L'IPPA!        ico_SUDDiscover Sud di Baladin!

ico_BALADINDiscover Baladin 4.8!  ico_NazionaleDiscover Nazionale!


From the Earth to Beer is a tangible example of how an Italian production sector can be supported.

Baladin has always believed in the importance of safeguarding Italian ingredients and is a member of Consorzio Birra Italiana, founded to promote Italian agricultural products for craft brewers. To find out more Consorzio Birra Italiana



The logo that identifies craft beer made with Italian agricultural products was presented at the Coldiretti headquarters in January 2020. More info HERE