For a Special Christmas, Nöel Liquirizia comes back!

Every year, Baladin comes back with a precious gift: Nöel. This beer is the result of flavorings and experiments developed by Teo and, every three year, it is renewed with a new version. After the chocolate, coffee and vanilla versions, Nöel Liquirizia is back for Christmas 2018 (after being produced for the first time in 2017).

With its brown color, reminiscent of a monk’s tunic, Nöel Liquirizia is a delicacy produced between the end of summer and the appearance of the first yellow leaves in fall. This means it has the time to slowly ferment and come alive, until it blossoms in winter with its full aromatic bouquet.

A flower that challenges the cold of the Christmas season and releases notes of cooked fruit, wood and, of course, licorice. The enveloping warmth of Nöel Liquirizia warms the heart and satisfies the senses of those who drink it, thanks to its balanced mix of sweetness and bitterness.

Nöel Liquirizia takes you on a sensory journey: the first sip takes you to the house of Hansel and Gretel with aromas of licorice, nuts, chocolate and biscuits. Then, citrusy hints (that come from dry hopping) complete the experience and refresh this rather alcoholic beer (9% ABV)!

Whether alone in front of a fireplace while it is snowing outside, or sharing a dinner with friends, Nöel Liquirizia is the perfect beer, not only when Christmas approaches, but all year long.