Beermouth: a new tradition

Behind the wing of Baladin, Teo was thinking about Beermouth so long! Strongly inspired by Vermouth then re-modelled following craft beers' lines, it is perfectly able to create a new specific commodities sector. The basis for Beermouth is one of Baladin’s iconic beers: Xyauyù - an important and strong body with 13 traditional botanicals, those that normally mark out Piedmontese Vermouth, processed with innovative extractions techniques (using ultrasounds and low-temperature vacuum distillation). This creation is the union of three dreamers’ minds.

The international bartenders Dennis Zoppi and Giacomo Donadio, who worked with Teo Musso on this harmonious spirit: perfect on its own, as an aperitif or at the end of the meal, or in ambitious and original contaminated mixology.

We introduce Beermouth worldwide during a spectacular event at Baladin Open Garden, 23rd October. The menu was realized by Christian Meloni del Rio, executive chef in Casa Baladin. All food paired with avant-garde cocktails: unique recipes with a common and leading point, the Beermouth

We invited the most important bloggers and journalists from the national craft breweries' panorama (and not) for testing Beermouth in all its forms: straight up, in mixology paired with food, and in the 4 exceptional cocktails of David Rios Aguilar, Erik Lorincz, Franco Tucci Ponti and Marian Beke. Four creative and full of flavours recipes represented the versatile and recognisable taste of Beermouth.

It was an amazing and important evening for Baladin. The day after, 24th October, Beermouth would have been available to the public. 10.000 bottles in 50cl size were placed on the market of HoreCa segment, in cocktails bar and for bartending to promote its use in mixology, and finally in Eataly stores.

What is it? Amber colour, spicy, mugwort and rhubarb on top, moderately balsamic notes with a citrusy character and pleasantly acidic finish. Unprecedented product that takes inspiration from the Piedmont tradition of Vermouth, especially for the very carefully selection of spices and herbs. Otherwise, if you want to know more about it, mind that visiting the brewery you can also see the ‘open-lab. of the aromatic herbs’, where we make it.

The difference between the traditional spirits with wine and Beermouthi is, first the texture, which is thicker and typic of our barley wine, and then roundedness and strong umami, like in every Xyauyù.

This is our Beermouth version, but the real intention is to help breweries to experiment the product, by following Baladin guide lines. Soon the brand will be registered and it will be ‘adoptable’ by any breweries!