Welcome Soraya!



Soraya by Baladin is a very special beer! Teo has dedicated it to Soraya, the youngest in the Musso household, on her 10th birthday.


To make it truly unique, all the ingredients come from Piedmont, just like her.

Teo also wanted to create a new beer that would be perfect to pair with food and meet the request of restaurateurs, who had long been asking for a beer with a strong character, yet flexible enough to be paired with many different dishes.

Its hints of bread crust, rose and yeast come together in perfect harmony, supported by a medium-high alcohol content which, however, is not perceived as strong: Soraya’s extra-dry character (courtesy of the yeast) and lively bubbles make it very easy to drink.

And that’s not all! Are you curious? Do you want to know more about its aromas? Or taste? Its ingredients or the special yeast that works in combination with the Baladin yeast?