The first canned Italian craft beer revamps its look. Because life is colorful!

Presented the first time in November 2015, POP has always been a revolutionary beer for the domestic market, as it was the first Italian craft beer to be sold in a can.

It has the ambition to communicate to a wide audience, presenting itself as the right product to attract young consumers to craft beer.

Designed as a beer that is easy to drink but with an aromatic profile that lends it a lot of character, it is sold in a can, which is an easy packaging and offers large areas for visual communication.

POP (popular beer) owes its name to pop culture, the origin of a strong movement of musical and visual expression which has involved entire generations, and still does.

This first series of 6 cans - all containing the same beer and with the same art, but available in six different colors - aimed at creating “the myth” of a collector’s item.

Four years later, Teo Musso renews the challenge by completely revamping the look of POP: 12 new different graphic designs, not just a change in color.

Crown Bevcan, a world leader in can manufacturing, has taken on the challenge and has applied an innovative variable printing technique for the first time on such a large area.

The Baladin graphic artists worked closely with the designers from the London office for more than one year, finally obtaining the result that made both teams happy.

Each can shows the number of the graphic design, such as “type 1 of 12”. In addition to technical-descriptive data, it also contains the Unionbirrai “indipendente artigianalebrand.





Véronique Curulla, Marketing & Business Development Director of Crown Bevcan Europe.

“Crown Bevcan Europe has had the pleasure to work in partnership with the Baladin brewery to produce the POP beer cans, and push the boundaries of Accents™ variable printing. The team effort of their creative minds and our technical experts achieved both the most colorful variable print on beverage can, and on the largest area ever done before.

Once again this shows how dynamic and creative the new and fast growing categories like craft beer are with beverage cans. Not only cans are fully recyclable and offer best protection to the drink, but the full range of decorative finishes on offer allows (almost) unrestricted creativity.”

Teo Musso: “When we launched POP, I said that my intention was to affirm the concept of quality regardless of packaging. I now renew my message by raising the bar of communication: this level of customized graphic art is unprecedented. When we started to work on the project I said to my team: go for colorful designs, because life is colorful! Of course, the can is a functional tool to contain one of our live beers, and our key concept has remained unchanged: we communicate through our products. With POP, we hope we’ll excite young consumers, but I’m sure that grown-ups will enjoy it too.”


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