Baladin Oval: the wild elegance of the egg of Columbus

Experimenting. This is more than just a word to Baladin. It’s a mental condition, almost a genetic code dictated by the philosophy of the craftsman guiding the brewery. Teo - together with his team of master brewers - often explores alternative paths with his beers. He enjoys challenging himself, and coming up with  ideas which don’t necessarily follow the market demands. A luxury that a craft producer can afford.

This is the case of OVAL: a special, limited edition beer created to tell the complex aromas obtained from the yeasts typically used in wild beers, however giving a truly unique interpretation of this style.

This light-colored beer - inspired by Belgian brett beer - presents the typical complexity of scents accompanied, in an almost provocative way, by an elegant and harmonious taste of fruit, citrus fruit and hops, kept together by gentle wild nuances.

Despite the strong structure, it is fresh and pleasant to drink thanks to the dryness obtained at fermentation stage.

Here’s how Teo explains the origin of the name: “I came up with the name thinking of the expression egg of Columbus, used when you find a very simple solution to a complex problem. I had long been inspired by the scents of spontaneously fermented beers, although I’m not particularly fond of their acidity. By experimenting with the use of wild yeasts combined with Brettanomyces bruxellensis, I found my egg of Columbus when I created a beer that has the typical wild aromas, but is consistent with my search for elegance”.

OVAL is only available on draft.




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