Baladin introduces Metodo Classico 60 Months

In 2015, Baladin introduced for the first time the Baladin Metodo Classico beer, an innovation that caught the attention of craft beer lovers.

This beer was born from the vision of Teo Musso, a path to explore the evolution through a long refermentation in bottle, inspired by the Bière de Champagne or Brut Bière style.

Now, after so much waiting, it’s time to taste the peak of this adventure: Metodo Classico Cuvée 60 Months. This extraordinary product is the result of a project started in 2021, when the Cuvée 36 Months was presented. At that time, we declared that some bottles could wait a little bit more before going into the market. Today, these bottles have become an authentic jewel.

Metodo Classico Cuvée 60 Months offers a satisfying and unique tasting experience.

Full and rewarding taste. The hints of cereal are accompanied by a natural, lively carbonation that has developed over the many years of second fermentation in the bottle. The finish brings out a fresh note that leaves the mouth clean, with pleasant hints of almond and a delicately woody aftertaste.

In Baladin, we all agreed that this beer is an exceptional product. This aging is incredible, rarely seen for a beer, making Metodo Classico Cuvée 60 Mesi a very special limited edition.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste this extraordinary creation of Baladin, a beer that captures the essence of Italian craftsmanship but hurry up, only 2,577 bottles were produced, each numbered and shows the sequence of production and disgorgement. 


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Discover Metodo Classico Cuvée 60 Months