New Baladin SAVE THE GLACIER: the sustainability message of Baladin and Skyway Monte Bianco

The collaboration between Baladin and Skyway Monte Bianco stems from the sharing of common values: love for nature, respect for the environment and the search for innovation.

Baladin beers have been offered for years at the intermediate stations of Pavillon/The Mountain and Punta Helbronner/The Sky.

Today the two companies take a further step forward: Baladin SAVE THE GLACIER beer is born. The idea stems from a visit by Teo Musso to the Courmayeur station: the use of a can completely openable would avoid not only the use of plastic glasses, but also the consumption of hot water for washing glasses.  

Thus was born Baladin 4.8 SAVE THE GLACIER, a sustainable beer that best represents Italy. Baladin 4.8 is a light blonde ale 100% Made in Italy, only available in kegs and already served on tap in the Punta Helbronner station. “SAVE THE GLACIER” takes the name of a project promoted by Skyway Monte Bianco and brings together all the sustainability projects dedicated to the protection of the Monte Bianco ecosystem.


Our completely sustainable packaging

The can is entirely sustainable: it is made of infinitely recyclable aluminum and, thanks to its 360° opening, can be used directly as a glass. Even the label, made from 80 per cent marble dust, is completely sustainable.

On the front of the can, four elements stand out: the inscription “SAVE THE GLACIER”, the cable car, the profile of the Peuterey Integral Ridge and the 100% Made in Italy stamp. On the back, we find the message “We love the planet because Beer is Earth”, which fully represents the Baladin philosophy, and the logo of Consorzio Birra Italiana with the indication “Artisanal 100% from Italian agricultural supply chain”.

In addition, the most important keywords of the project “recycling, environment, sustainability, water, etc.” are written on the packaging.

Baladin 4.8 SAVE THE GLACIER cans are available exclusively at the intermediate and summit stations of the Skyway Monte Bianco system and on the Baladin e-commerce.