What is Mono Baladin? It is the return to Hi-Fi analog systems. If follows a philosophy that combines simple things with the evolution of times. And that’s how a duo of enthusiasts came up with the idea of sound monogamy. In other words: the rebirth of the taste for old-time acoustics, where the enhancement, or worse, the counterfeiting of sounds were certainly not the goals of those who built audio systems.

The desire to recreate these forgotten sounds, to dress them and make  them available to those who are still passionate about sound soon made a quartet join the initial duo. An internationally renowned artist with great creative skills joined forces with a fine architect with unique taste, and together they sew the clothes for the new monophonic machines.

In the meantime, a dynamic engineer managed to make the dream come true.  Designing, assembling and cabling started. There was still a little room for the last musician in this odd orchestra. And it was up to him to communicate this old project and dedicate it to those who find joy, hope and life in music: our friends from Associazione Culturale Baladin.  An auction was dedicated to this cultural association, where the eight unique and numbered specimens of Mono Baladin – accompanied by their strictly monophonic amplifier – were sold to gather the necessary resources to support its many initiatives in the field of arts and music.  

Today, the 8 Mono Baladin are scattered around Italy and the other side of the ocean. And here is the team who built these unique pieces:  Teo, who came up with the idea; Bruno Petrosillo, who built the systems; Marina Obradovich, the artist; Barbara Soddu, the stylist with taste; Pier Viviano, the engineer, and Alessio “Islaz” Franzoso who took care of communication.


The distant memory of a trip to Essaouira to listen to the ancient and hypnotic sounds of Gnawa music or, maybe even further in time, to lose our way in the Berber nights and the desert wind...


A laugh that resounds in her mouth when she takes me into her arms and whispers to me: je voie la vie en rose…“THEY CALL ME MIMÍ”

Paris, an old attic and an ice-cold hand. When the loud bandwagon of opera stuns your mind, close your eyes and nothing will ever be the same.


When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars: a true freedom of thought, and it will be the dawning of the age of Aquarius


A soft encounter with minimalism. Black and white, passion and technical virtuosity on the notes of a hectic century of jazz.


Between an egg man and a walrus, the memory is still clear enough and our childhood resurfaces in a thousand thoughts. A bit like coming back home for lunch: the red (or maybe apple green) Formica table in the kitchen is still waiting for us.


Bringing together the past and the future, art and the street is a great challenge, and the results are great and controversial at the same time. As a wise man once said nothing grows out of diamonds, but flowers grow on manure...


When people dreamt of a thousand lire a month and housewives cleaned their hands on their flower aprons after working the dough for their Sunday tagliatelle…


A cult object, valves like faint lights in the American neighborhoods of the Fifties, an America that echoes in the economic boom of the Italian Sixties… and soon comes the music!