“From the Earth, with our Hands” is our motto. This is why we take care of our planet by choosing sustainable solutions to reduce waste at all stages of the production process of Baladin beers. From wind to solar energy, to recycling brewers grains and treating waste waters: this is how we work.

Baladin has always paid great attention to sustainability, with the aim of being a company that cares about respecting the environment. We pay attention to many little details, such as using packaging solutions with a low environmental impact, made with recycled materials and, in the case of paper packaging, customized with water-based inks.The energy we use comes from certified renewable sources - mainly from wind power. At some of our facilities, we produce the energy we use thanks to a photovoltaic system.

The choice to invest in a high-efficiency plant which reduces consumption is supported by a study on the optimization of the waste heat produced by the various production processes. The solution completes our virtuous path towards energy saving. The brewers grains are given to stockbreeders who use them as animal feed. All glass, metal, plastic and cellulose materials are recycled.
A brewery also produces waste water. For this reason, Baladin has invested into a treatment plant to reuse it. The residual sludge is treated by a third party, in compliance with the existing law. In future, it might be turned into biomass to produce biogas, or given to companies that work in the field of organic fertilizers.