100% Italian, rich in botanicals and cannabis sativa


This is how we make... LOW ALCOHOL BEER

Opalescent straw-yellow in color. The head is white, light and evanescent. It has intense aromas of grains with elegant notes of bread crust, accompanied, by scents of Cannabis sativa.

When sipped, the clean body surprises with its freshness and persistent balsamic notes. The barley malt aroma emerges and creates a perfect balance with the mix of botanicals in the recipe. In the finish, the pleasant bitterness from the gentian root and the fresh, lingering balsamic note leave the mouth clean and make the beer very pleasant to drink.


Baladin is committed to supporting Italian agricultural products. Botanic is made with:

● Water from the Maritime Alps
● Barley malt from our fields in Basilicata and Apulia - Italy
● Hops from our fields in Piozzo and Busca – Italy
● Cannabis sativa and coriander from central and southern Italy
● Gentian and passionflower from Piedmont – Italy
● Yeast grown at our brewery in Piozzo – Italy


Water, barley malt made with the barley from our fields, Italian hops, coriander, gentian, passionflower, cannabis sativa essential oil, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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Teo decided to create his own interpretation of a low alcohol craft beer. The result is a 100% Italian beer characterized by the use of aromatic botanicals. All of Baladin experience in playing with herbs and spices is found in this beer. A real beer... although low in alcohol and in calories (less than 70 Kcal per 33 cl can). Made with 100% Italian barley malt and fermented with saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains, it also contains hops, coriander, gentian and Cannabis sativa essential oils. An innovative technique for the food market - patented by the Italian company Milestone - was used to extract the Cannabis sativa aroma: it uses microwaves to hydrodistill the essential oils, ensuring a high aromatic quality and avoiding the use of alcohol, additives or chemical solvents. To be true to the name and... to make this beer even more interesting, the master brewer has given it a Zen touch by adding passionflower to the recipe: 33 cl of positivity and relaxation in a can (with easy-open end).

Botanic is only available in Italy.

Botanic is part of the Nutribev project that Baladin is developing in cooperation with the University of Turin, the support of the Piedmont Region and with the help of businesses. Its goal is the study of functional foods and beverages made with production waste, and the research and application of new processing techniques. As a low alcohol, low-calorie and sugar-free beer, which contains maltodextrins, Botanic falls within the scope of research of the Nutribev project. The same goes for the green technique used to extract essential oils from cannabis sativa and hops without the use of additives or chemical solvents.

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