What are the best pairings for Vermouth and Beermouth?

Set your creativity free. When we talk about vermouth and food pairings, we enter a rich world of endless possibilities, affinities and suggestions: this product is the natural connection between spirits and food, and is suited to all times of the day. We talk about it with Dennis Zoppi, world renowned bartender and one of the minds (and palates) behind the creation of Beermouth, the innovative product by Baladin.

“When we think of vermouth – says Dennis Zoppi - we immediately think on an aperitif. Served with ice and citrus zest, it is a classic that goes perfectly with bar snacks such as pickles, olives, and nuts”. 


Vermouth at the table
The winy base, enriched with the typical herbs and spices of its recipe, offers a wide range of possibilities for food pairings, from the most straightforward and pop combinations to more sophisticated solutions. “Let’s start with pop pairings - continues Dennis Zoppi. Drinking vermouth with a classic burger, with its sauces and pickles, works perfectly. Pizza is also a good idea, as well as farinata - a sort of chickpea pancake -  sprinkled with black pepper”. 

But we can also try more daring combinations. With a dish of raw seafood, we can go for a white vermouth with delicate spices, or even dare a dry vermouth -  which is amazing with oysters. Cheese pairings can be a source of great satisfaction: white vermouths are ideal with goat cheese, while the bitter notes of mugwort in red vermouths counterbalance the sweet notes of some cheeses and the inherent fattiness of dairy products. Moscato-based vermouths go perfectly with blue cheeses.

At the end of a meal: chocolate and more

If vermouth can anticipate a meal as an aperitif or even accompany it, it also deserves a place at the end of a meal. Its nature is perfect for a sublime marriage with chocolate. Possibly dark. But it goes well with a rich range of dessert. Candied orange zests are ideal. Yeast-leavened cakes are also a pleasant surprise: colomba or panettone, according to season, are perfect.

Having fun with Beermouth

A beer with a great body (Xyauyù). A citrus, balsamic and spicy texture determined by 13

traditional botanicals processed with innovative techniques: from ultrasounds to low-temperature vacuum distillation to preserve all the fragrances of their aromas.  Here’s Beermouth, the innovative product that has created a new category of drinks. 

“Where a good vermouth works well, there is certainly room for Beermouth - explains Dennis Zoppi. It really is incredibly versatile. The credit goes to the beer used as a base, which facilitates food pairing, and to the fine balance achieved with the 13 botanicals”. 

Starting from the aperitif, where we can dare with tantalizing pairings. “In our pairings - continues Dennis Zoppi - we particularly like pop corns, flavored with Parmesan shavings, dehydrated lime zest, or paprika. Or sweet hazelnuts from Piedmont. We can play with different types of olives: oven-baked juicy and slightly bitter olives, or bigger green olives from Spain or Naples. Or try more unusual combinations, such as truffle of mushroom chocolate”. But Beermouth goes well beyond the concept of aperitif and can join the table for a wide variety of combinations.  It can accompany a dinner – such as the memorable launch dinner at Baladin Open Garden Bistrot, where each dish was paired with a drink created by  Zoppi – thanks also to the acidity that cleans the palate. 

And it can be served after a meal, too. “Beermouth - adds Dennis Zoppi - gives us the opportunity to round off a meal. It can be enjoyed either on its own, thanks to its bitter notes, or with a good cake. Or you can pair it with a selection of tropical fruit, such as fresh mango and coconut. Or just finish everything off with a good shakerato ice coffee and Beermouth. Coffee is also an ideal combination". When you first approach this innovative product, however, the recommendation is to enjoy it on its own to fully appreciate it. “It’s best served at 3-4 °C, with a lime or grapefruit zest and three ice cubes”.



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