Refreshing beer with herbaceous and fruity notes, accompanied by delicate hints of malt and wheat


This is how we make... Double Blanche

Light straw-yellow color, slightly hazy appearance. White, thick and persistent head. Scents of hops with herbaceous notes, fresh citrusy aromas and intriguing hints of exotic fruit fill the nose.

The almost sweet taste of malted wheat is followed by herbaceous aromas, as well as gentle notes of citrus and yellow flesh fruit, with a final touch of mango.

The finish is dominated by the herbaceous character of the hops, with a pleasant yet bold bitterness which ends the sip with a refreshing feel.

A unique interpretation of a beer with a high alcohol content, balanced by a distinctive dryness which makes it dangerously easy to drink.


Water, barley malt, hops, mix of citrus zest in variable proportions, yeast.

Tasting Notes


Tasting Notes



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Baladin has been supporting the Italian homebrewing competition, organized by Movimento Birrario Italiano - for years The Italian champion wins the opportunity to present a recipe to the Baladin master brewers, and produce it at the brewery in Piozzo.

A dream come true for someone who makes beer at home, usually with very small equipment. Bianca d’Autunno comes from the recipe developed by Elia Barozzi, 2018 Italian homebrewing champion.

A few days after the experience, he wrote: “I would like to thank the entire production team for warmly welcoming me and my family.

Making a beer at your brewery, starting from my idea, was an amazing feeling, the peak of my homebrewer's dreams”

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