Beer, Earth, Energy, Ideas  

“Because Beer is Earth!” Baladin has been saying this for years to explain that beer is the direct expression of the Earth and farming. To us Italians, it comes natural to think of wine in these terms, but is it much more unusual to make the same association when it comes to beer. For several years now, Baladin has been directly involved in the production of most of the ingredients used for its beers, and in January 2012 it officially became a farmer brewery.

The energy of ideas? Sure, always! But in this case we are talking of propelling, electric and thermal power. Why? Because we are trying to produce it ourselves, or at least to use the cleanest available forms of energy. Electric power is produced through the solar panels installed on the roof of the brewery. With a total surface of 1,800 square meters, in optimal conditions they are able to produce 80% of the daily energy requirements of the brewery.

Ideas are at the basis of the success of Baladin. They originate from the whole work team as well as – of course – from Teo. They are energy in motion, creativity which needs expressing. Exchanging views, making suggestions: this is how we work. This is true for anything we do: from creating a new recipe to “dressing” the bottle with a new label. Opening a new joint, doing it up, transforming it and keeping it alive by choosing the right live performances or creating its BalaDJ playlists. Spreading the culture of Italian craft beer and of the Baladin thought. Creating events.