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This is how we make... Blonde Ale

With its hay-yellow, bright color, this beer has a fine, white, rather persistent head. Its perfectly balanced scents, which combine herbaceous, slightly flowery notes, and citrusy aromas (with a very subtle hint of bread crust), invite you to take a nice, long sip.

The taste is just as light - thanks also to the low alcohol content. The gentle tones of hops and the even more subtle touches of cereals are complemented by citrusy and flowery notes. A drinkable, clean and fresh beer with a light body, perfect for long and satisfying sips.


Water, malt from the barley grown in our fields, Italian hops, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions, sugar, yeast.

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Tasting Notes



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The Baladin brewery and Skyway Monte Bianco have been actively cooperating for years, offering beers and soft drinks at the intermediate (Pavillon/The Mountain at 2,173 m) and top stations (Punta Helbronner/The Sky at 3,466 m).

The cooperation stems from the shared values and philosophy guiding the two companies: love for nature, respect for the environment and search for innovation.

They both search for tools to share thoughts, ideas and concepts with a receptive audience and offer tasteful experiences or enthralling emotions such as being in contact with the mountains at 3,466 meters above sea level, where you can almost touch the sky.

The Baladin beer SAVE THE GLACIER is the natural evolution of this collaboration.

Teo Musso came up with the idea on a visit to the Courmayeur facility to present a milestone in what we call the Baladin Green Project: a can opening system that turns cans into cups. The project is enthusiastically welcomed because it avoids the use of plastic (even recyclable) cups and optimizes the consumption of water - a precious resource at high altitudes - used to wash glasses.

The name, SAVE THE GLACIER, makes reference to the sustainability project promoted by Skyway Monte Bianco.

These three words encapsulate all the projects aimed at supporting the protection of the ecosystem of the Mont Blanc massif, where the cableway is located, with the ambition of extending their reach to the entire Aosta Valley.

Cans of Baladin 4.8 “SAVE THE GLACIER” beer will be on sale exclusively at the intermediate and top stations of the Skyway Mont Blanc cableway, and on the eCommerce websites of the cableway and the brewery.

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