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Baladin POP (popular beer), the first Italian craft beer… in a can!

A typical Baladin-style beer with a pop twist to it: the idea is to offer a high quality beer that is also easy to consume. It has a white, thick head  and a golden color. The dry hopping technique - with Mosaic and Cascade hop buds produced in Italy - gives it gentle herbaceous notes which strike a good balance with the malts. The fresh scents and taste are rounded off by a dry and pleasant finish.


POP has a revolutionary packaging for Italy: it is sold in 33 cl aluminum cans.


The graphics takes inspiration from one of last century’s most representative cultural movement: pop music. The six available color versions become collectibles, a popular trend in pop culture in the 1970’s. Of course, the content is always the same: our POP beer.

Teo’s thought: “The can is a something I had wanted to introduce for a long time, to legitimize the concept of high quality beer, whatever its container”.




Can             33 cl.




Alcohol content 5.7%

Plato degrees 13.6

EBC color 10

IBU 35 


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