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R&D-the Baladin approach

The thought which guides the research and development activities of the Baladin farm brewery descends from a clear and concise slogan launched in 1996
by its founder and master brewer Teo Musso: “taste in evolution”. This tendency to evolve all aspects of products, production techniques, our philosophy and communication has constantly guided the vision of Baladin and makes it an inspiring example for many. By way of example, here are a few important milestones in this process of evolution.

Laboratory of analysis

Being able to innovate also means being able to invest in the future. The laboratory of analysis is clear proof of this. The desire to control the quality of our production, carry out research on recipes (and analyze our past), autonomously produce one of the most important ingredients in beer making (yeast), and innovate by exploring new production techniques, made it necessary to plan this new investment.

Aging laboratory-Cantina Baladin

The industry has “places of research” which it calls Research and Development. Artisans like us do not need special “places” to do research, as these often overlap with very emotional spaces where we innovate and, at the same time, feel moved. Our “place of research” is called Cantina Baladin. It is in this special fermentation cellar that we are developing one of the most important, visionary and distinctive projects in the world of Baladin: the study and evolution of macro-oxidation techniques applied to beer.



Innovating also means being able to cooperate. You cannot do everything on your own.
To achieve the goals ahead of us, it is necessary to choose the right partners who can stimulate ideas or develop them thanks to their specific professional skills. Whether it is the creation of a new product, sharing it with other master brewers, working on a new production technique or growing an ingredient, Baladin – following its “open” style – is happy to cooperate, share and look for support.



Innovating means contributing to the cultural growth of future generations – in our case, future master brewers and professionals who will work for the development of the agri-food industry and, in particular, of the beer sector.
Teo Musso, the guide and master brewer of farm brewery Baladin, continuously puts his experience at the service of some Italian university.



On this issue, we are ambitious and aware at the same time.
We have embarked on a path towards becoming completely independent in covering our energy needs.
We want to invest to make sure that the environmental impact of our production processes is kept to a minimum.

The new brewery

Baladin is designing a new brewery where the word innovation will guide most of the technological and philosophical choices behind the creation of this place.
It will be a center of production, research, farming activities, eco-sustainability, study, sharing and culture: a real point of convergence of the innovative thinking of Baladin and Teo Musso.

The future, today

At the moment, this space is left blank on purpose. We would like this to become a blackboard where we will present the innovative projects which represent the future of Baladin as they are launched. We know exactly what we are going to write, you’ll see…

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