A beer that combines two great craft traditions in the world of fermentation.


This is how we make... Specialty Wood Aged Beer

Xyayù Kioke has a deep ruby, clear color and has no head. Its scents include subtle notes of cypress berries, dates and caramel, with a faint hint of incense.

When sipped, the woody and fresh notes of cypress combine wonderfully with delicate resinous touches and a hint of umami. The finish is vaguely herbaceous, bitter and acidic.


Water, barley malt, hops, sugar, yeast

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Tasting Notes



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At the end of Expo 2015, Teo receives as a gift the barrel exhibited at the Japanese pavilion. It was there to represent the tradition of the craftsmen who build the barrels for the fermentation of soy sauce. So he comes up up with the idea of aging a Xyauyù in this precious barrel called Kioke. The Kioke barrel is open on top and is produced by Yasuo Yamamoto (Yamaroku Shoyu) on the island of Shodo.

The result is a beer that originates from the combination of two great craft traditions related to the art of fermentation. Xyauyù, once fermented and aged for 18 months, is open-air aged in a new Kioke barrel, i.e. which has never been used for the fermentation of soy. The barrel gives delicate resinous notes and a slightly acidic touch, for a unique aromatic profile.

The manufacturing of Kioke barrels is disappearing in Japan, replaced by stainless steel fermentation vessels. To preserve the tradition, Yasuo Yamamoto, the last generation in a family of soy sauce producers, has decided to make them in his workshop, with the intention of being an inspiration for his colleagues and other coopers. This beer is a way to share this effort and play one of the key roles of craft products: telling stories through emotions and sharing.

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