Metodo Classico 36 Mesi – the magic of time

Baladin Metodo Classico was first launched in 2015. The project was the result of Teo Musso’s desire to explore the evolution of beer after a long second fermentation in the bottle. It takes inspiration from the Bière de Champagne or Brut Bière style. 

The Metodo Classico Cuvée 36 Mesi version takes the concept to the extreme and the result is certainly worth the wait. In its classic version, the second fermentation of the beer takes 18 months, following the production rules for Italian sparkling wines that take the name “metodo classico”.

In 2017, at the time of remuage (the process that helps collecting all the yeasts in the bottle neck to then remove them with the  disgorging, or dégorgement), Teo tasted the beer with the cellarmen and was particularly impressed by the intense aromas. He therefore decided to set aside a small number of bottles and let them age on the lees for another 18 months.

3,328 stayed in the cellar until January 2021, creating the Metodo Classico Cuvée 36 Mesi craft beer. A celebratory label printed in gold on white background has been created as a tribute. The bottle is presented in a cardboard box with the same colors as the label. A feast for the eyes and the palate.

With the first sip, the floral and balsamic notes of aniseed immediately hit the nose, and are well balanced by the scents of cereals that follow. The angelica's spicy aniseed note closes with a hint of wood that comes from the time spent aging in the barrel, 36 months before the bottling.

A beer rich of nuances that can be perfectly paired with dried pastry or a Baladin panettone at the end of the meal.


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