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The hopped malt extract kit for homebrewers created from the cooperation between Baladin and Mr. Malt, an historical distributor of homebrewing equipment. The kit allows homebrewers to easily duplicate one of the Baladin Open beers: our Open Amber.

What does the kit contain?

The kit includes two cans with hopped malt extract, one bag of dry yeast and one bag of pellets of Amarillo American hops (small cylinders of pulverized and pressed hops). You will also find the step by step instructions to prepare your Open Amber!

What tools do I need?

To make beer from our kit, you will need specific detergents, a fermenter equipped with a bubbler, a hydrometer and a test cylinder. All the equipment can be purchased from the Mr. Malt website.Of course you will need a pot, a can opener, a plastic ladle and... 500 g sugar.


Open Amber goes well with meat, especially roasted and stewed, as well as grilled. You can also try it with mature cheese, especially those with a “chalky” texture.