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Bevi Frutta ... auf unsere Art

Once upon a time, there was a rural world where we binged on fresh fruit stolen here and there from the trees in the Langhe, and on good jams made by our mothers. It has now slowly disappeared. This is why, together with our friend from the “Mariangela Prunotto” farm, we have decided to go back to our values and tastes with Bevi Frutta Apricot and Bergamot.

This is one of the three Bevi Frutta by Baladin, made with the apricots from the Langhe and spices, the two ingredients of this experimentation by Teo Musso. The result is a unique juice (with a lot of flesh!) with an unmistakable and particular taste, which contains no additives or preservatives.




Apricot and Bergamot is perfect every morning, as it is fresh and tasty. Ideal to kick-start your day. Appreciated by children and adults, it is the ideal drink for a healthy, yet tasty afternoon break for kids, with a slice of bread and home-made jam.