Vola con Baladin - Cortemilia

Vola con Baladin will remain closed until further notice.


Vola con Baladin in Cortemilia is a unique place to enjoy the food made by Stefano Vola and sip the beers by Baladin, carefully selected and paired by Edoardo Vola.

The food menu is made with selected local products supplied mainly by local farms. It’s a celebration of the link with Piedmont - the Cuneo area in particular - and a way to let customers enjoy the wonderful products of a short supply chain. 

Stefano Vola - emerging pizza maker awarded with 3 Spicchi by the Gambero Rosso guide - serves two main recipes: pizza “alla pala” and hamburgers.

“Le Pale”

Pizza served by the slice, made with mixed flours from Mulino Marino to make a perfectly balanced dough, with rich scents and tastes. The result is a light, deliciously crunchy base. A lot of research has gone in choosing the toppings, even when this is disguised in simplicity: tomatoes from the Mariangela Prunotto farm, cheese from Caseificio Pepe, cooked ham from the Belbo Valley and Crudo di Cuneo are just some of the chosen ingredients.

“Vola Burger”

The bread in a burger is the key ingredients that determines its success and taste. After a few years of study, Stefano Vola has created a soft, light and aromatic bun: perfect proofing and selected flours by the Marino brothers. The same approach has been followed in selecting the other ingredients: the meat comes from farms in the Cuneo area. 

Vegetarians will find tasty alternatives! The menu is rounded off with high quality homely dishes and a choice of dessert: just check the black board.

The drinks menu, selected by Edoardo Vola, includes 6 draught beers and the full range of bottled beers and soft drinks by the Baladin farm brewery. Edoardo will also present a list of beer cocktails for lovers of mixology.

The place seats 70, but much more space is available in summer in the charming outside space overlooking the Uzzone stream.


The History

Fermentation and leavening. Teo Musso’s beers meet Stefano Vola's leavened bakery products. Sommelier Edoardo Vola has helped create the perfect marriage.

Teo Musso: “This cooperation will make the restaurant even more special; I am very happy. I have followed Stefano’s work and I am impressed by his skills, his desire to grow, and his love for local products. You can taste it in his pizzas. I heard about Stefano from my friend Gabriele Bonci, who enthusiastically praised him. I can finally understand why. My beers will be paired with his dishes. I’m confident that the choices we have made with Edoardo - a great sommelier - will make the taste experience even more complete. The new logo, the new name (that plays on the meaning of Vola) are perfect.... Vola con Baladin: Fly with Baladin!

Stefano Vola: “I am incredibly happy that we can combine our small Vola project with the international experience of Baladin. I have always been intrigued by Teo’s genius, his work and the spirit of Baladin. Vola has always tried to work with local, sustainable, family-run farms and producers, looking for taste and a spirit of research. Baladin perfectly fits the bill. Mum Marisa, dad Gianfranco and I, Stefano, will be happy to have you to show our philosophy, and let you try our dishes that tell the lands of Langa! In fact...Alta Langa, the “high” Langa! We hope to see you soon!”

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