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Teo explains: music has always been a passion of mine. When I created Baladin, one of the pillars of the pub, in addition to beer of course, was music in its many expressions. All Baladin bars offer regular live music shows and our “BalaDJ” friends create playlists to accompany our evenings. Over the years, the "Festival dell'Arpa" first, and then the "Musica e Dintorni" summer festival have been created in Piozzo.

But it is my friend Marco Biaritz whom I need to thank for giving me the opportunity to join a project which tries to go the extra mile and bring music to as many people as possible, regardless of their age, social or physical conditions. It was with great joy that I supported the creation of "La Scala del Re", a music school for everyone – and when I say everyone, I do mean everyone. It is wonderful to see children and older people “make music” with passion and enthusiasm. I felt a special shiver of pride and happiness when the school launched its most exciting project: using music to give the disabled guests of the Papa Giovanni XXIII community (with the help of the Social Cooperative Il Ramo from Cuneo) the opportunity and joy to feel like everybody else, and to give us – the so called “normal” guys – a chance to feel moved that rarely happens in life.

Marco Biaritz, musician and music teacher, tells his experience with “La Scala del Re”:

“When me and my wife Flora started thinking about a music school, no matter how beautiful the idea and how “colorful” my imagination, I would have never thought that the small project of a music center in Piozzo could become “La Scala del Re”! The idea was supported by Teo through the Baladin cultural association and by the then mayor of Piozzo. They both took a chance with us to create a unique place. A place where everybody can express and grow the music they have inside… and where, in turn, people can grow through music. A “clean” place for children, where people can meet after work or after school to communicate through the wonderful language of music… A place for everyone. Starting from the age of three, all that matters is being able to communicate… or more importantly, wanting to communicate. At “La Scala del Re” I play with kids from kindergarten. We use microphones, electric guitars, the drums and percussions, and it’s as beautiful and exciting as a rock concert! The following hour, I try and play the same game, but it gets a little more difficult, and I play with adults, disabled or elderly people. There are no emotional differences in music; the only obstacle is the instrument playing technique… But we have our teachers for this! I am surrounded by great people, both as musicians and human beings. The teachers at “La Scala del Re”, like me, know that it is not enough to teach notions and techniques to make a good musician. A good musician reaches emotions. And the soul”.

The most enthralling and exciting project is certainly “Una Nota in Più”.

During the week, people with physical disabilities or mental disorders meet at the music school, between microphones, instruments and amplifiers. At first, some of them certainly thought: “Well, what are we doing here?" But our idea took many by surprise… the goal of the project s not to teach music, but to take out the music that we all have inside. We believe that each one of us has a special note inside, which triggers all the others and becomes the mirror of who we are and what we feel. The experiment went so well that at one point we thought it was worth taking such an enriching experience out of those four closed walls to share it with others. This is why we recorded some CDs and even organized a tour of concerts.

“Una Nota in Più” in 2007, “Vieni Via con Me” in 2008, “Mani in Su” in 2010 and “Sorriso” in 2011.

“Sorriso” paved the way for a series of concerts - the “Sorriso Tour”. It opened in Piedmont and ended in Rome with the help of Eataly Roma, which hosted the guys at its premises. It was an incredible journey for the members of the band, who experienced a true adventure: playing in the capital city of Italy! The journey was funded by Banca Alpi Marittime from Carrù, an historical partner of the school and the project. The exclusive sponsor of the tour was singer and friend Nada Malanima.

Music is happiness, and UNA NOTA IN PIÙ is the band which shall “be looked at from the inside, after listening to it from the outside”.


If you want to listen to the songs, you can find them here:ù.

Find out more about La Scala del Re here:

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