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Who can convey the culture of craft beer better than those who stand behind the bar in a pub? How important are the so called “publicans” - i.e. the managers of independent pubs - to spread knowledge on beer? How can we actively disseminate the culture of Italian craft beer? While searching for an answer to these questions and following his natural inclination, Teo Musso decided to open more Baladin pubs in addition to the original one in Piozzo, where everything started. The goal was of course to spread the news on its own productions, but there was much more to it…

Those who serve beer must know exactly what they are giving their customers. They must be able to choose the right glass and pour the beer with the right timing, which differs for each style of beer. More importantly, they must be able to answer the questions of the many enthusiasts who have only just begun to explore the fascinating world of craft beers, want to know more about it, discover local or foreign products and styles, and the right ways of enjoying them.

Even at the beginning, when Baladin opened in Piozzo without brewing any beer, the pub served over 200 labels from all over the world. It then became a brewpub, and this brought with it the need and desire to showcase the in-house production. However, this was not enough to communicate the culture of the world of Italian craft beer, which was still only in its embryonic stage.

The second Baladin “place” came from the need of developing the culture of beer. How could we convince people that craft beer can be included in the drink lists of great restaurant without actually showing that great food and great beers are a winning combination? In 2007, CASA BALADIN is created: a beer restaurant with rooms. With his menus, Chef Christian Meloni Delrio shows what the concept of beer and food combination means. The prestigious Gambero Rosso “Ristoranti d’Italia 2013” guide has awarded it the “Tre Boccali”, the highest acknowledgement for a restaurant that combines food exclusively with beer.

Two years later, in 2009, OPEN BALADIN CINZANO opens. This is the first place dedicated to the dissemination of Italian craft beer culture. It does it by selling - in addition to Baladin products - 100 labels of bottled beers from all over Italy, as well as a selection of draught beers which rotate during the year. Foreign brewer friends are also welcome and often offer the draught version of their most interesting beers. The open attitude towards other breweries is demonstrated by the participation of friend and “competitor” Leonardo di Vincenzo from Birra del Borgo in the pub ownership. 

A few months later, OPEN BALADIN ROMA opens. In the center of the Italian capital (in the Campo dei fiori area) a large pub follows the format tested months before in Cinzano. In addition, it serves nothing less than 40 draught beers, which include selections of great Italian and foreign craft products. It immediately becomes one of the symbols of the Italian craft beer movement.

Today Open pubs are three: Rome - Turin - Cuneo. The first pub in Cinzano finished its job as the model and in 2016 was closed.

In 2011, BIRRERIA NEW YORK opens in the US branch of Eataly, created by Oscar Farinetti to showcase Italy in the Big Apple. Birreria is a large brewpub on the top floor of a skyscraper on Fifth Avenue, opposite the legendary Flatiron. Looking out of the large windows of Birreria, guests can admire the top part of the Flatiron. Teo and friends and master brewers Leonardo di Vincenzo (Birra del Borgo) and Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) have created three recipes for three beers, exclusively brewed for Birreria. Following the “open” approach, Birreria also offers beers from all over the world, with a particular focus on Italian products. Another fantastic place for the dissemination of beer culture. A second Birreria brewpub was opened in 2013 in CHICAGO.

In 2011 and 2012 Baladin Cafè Saluzzo and Cuneo open respectively, thus completing the coverage of the province of Cuneo.

Again in 2012, the small Le Petit Baladin opens in Turin: a few tables, an open kitchen and taps ready to serve the delicious beers from Piozzo.

In the meantime, Eataly lands in Rome and a new brewpub opens in the capital: BIRRERIA ROMA.

There are many other projects that we will unveil with time, but the common thread is always the same: the will to work first-hand to disseminate the knowledge and culture of craft beer, paying particular attention to what Italy has to offer.


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