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Teo’s Diary


A curious “journey” through Teo’s life, intertwined with people and stories which have somehow influenced his character and choices until he became Mr. BALADIN. A tale made of images and notes gathered over time by Teo himself or by those who have crossed his path. From the friendship with the guys from “CIRQUE BIDON” when he was a teenager or even younger, the images and thoughts of a young kid born in a village with a handful of inhabitants… to the risk of embarking upon the creation of a public and innovative bar in such a small place, to then turn it – with stubbornness, love and the help of many travel companions – into one of the “temples” in the history of modern Italian beer brewing. Worn pictures and photos taken with special techniques - such as the “pinhole” by Noris Lazzarini – put together and modernized with the help of Flash technologies… but be careful: if your browser or device does not support this function, the “diary” will probably remain a mystery to you!



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