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Picking up cork


One of the reasons why we have chosen corks for some of our products is its sustainability. Of course, in our strive for sustainability we need to try and recover as many used corks as possible and use them for a different purpose.

Corks collected at the Baladin pubs and cafes are given for free to the ONLUS Artimestieri social cooperative from Boves (Cuneo), which works on cork recycling.

The Artimestieri cooperative has been working in the industry of eco-furniture and green building since 1989 with the goal of promoting environmental awareness, social solidarity and an economy based on justice through the inclusion in its activities of people who have difficulties in accessing the labor market.  

Corks, through various processing processes, are turned into a great natural insulator that can be used in the building sector.

Quoting and sharing the approach followed by Artimestieri: “Promoting the collection of used corks has an important cultural and educational value. It gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the safeguard of the environment with a personal action, and stimulates discussions on thermal insulation, green building and domestic energy saving”.

If you want to know more on the cork collection network or if you are a pub or restaurant and would like to join the initiative by Artimestieri, please visit

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