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Ducati Pramac Racing is a team which participates in the MotoGP World Championship. And what has Baladin got to do with it? How is the concept of sustainability related to a racing sport? Well, first of all the team is known as “The Green Energy Team” thanks to the commitment for the reduction of energy consumption and because they get the electric power they use for their hospitality areas directly from their paddock. But let’s take things one at a time. Many teams involved in the top category of bike racing started asking Baladin to supply beers for their hospitality areas, i.e. the structures where guests, the team staff and pilots are received and hosted. Frankly speaking, we were flattered but did not know what to do. Becoming technical partner of great racing teams? Was that really in line with our way of thinking? Not so sure… However, when we were contacted by team Pramac, we started to entertain the idea. It’s the first team which has reduced energy consumption in its hospitality areas, using solar panels and even a mini-wind blade placed on the roof of the accompanying truck to produce the energy needed. In addition, the structure is as eco-friendly as possible. Indoor furnishings are made of cardboard and wood. The two-wheel vehicles used to move inside the racing circuit are electric. Also, Pramac serves high quality food to its guests and the kitchen is managed by an extremely skilled chef from Naples. These are the reasons that convinced us! Even in the elite of bike racing you can now drink and eat well, thanks to the Pramac chefs and the products supplied by Selezione Baladin: pasta, sauces, oil, beer jellies, sweet and savory creams and chocolate. This is how, even at MotoGP, having an aperitif has become a “classic” stop in the paddocks of half of Europe.

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