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Spiced beers

Isaac »
Wayan »
Nora »

The addition of spices is indissolubly linked to the history of beer. Today hops are the most common ingredient added to most beers in the world to give them the desired bitterness and aromas. However, this was not always the case. Documents from the 9th century mention the Gruit, a mixture of spices and aromatic herbs...

Pure malt beers

Leön »
Elixir »
Super »

A great beer is the result of many factors: a careful selection of ingredients, a good recipe, an impeccable work at brewing stage and a solid experience in managing fermentation processes. If these elements are there, no other funky ingredients are needed. The four fundamentals are enough: good water, the right hops a...

Hoppy beers

Nazionale »
Super Bitter »
Rock'n'Roll »

The use of hops is certainly very old in the history of beer production. The hop plant is an endemic species which grows in most of Europe, so it is easy to imagine that it was largely used by the very first beer brewers. A recent archeological discovery near Pombia (NO) provides scientific evidence to this assumption:...

Special beers

Mielika »
Mama Kriek »
Zucca »
Nöel Liquirizia »
Suzi Dry »

Special beers? Some of them really are! These beers are brewed in limited quantity for various reasons: because they contain ingredients which are only available in limited quantities, and are often seasonal, or because they are the result of an experiment or they are a celebrative beers or a special cooperation. The f...

Baladin Cellar - Teo Musso Reserve

Xyauyù »
Xyauyù Barrel »
Xyauyù Fumè »
Xyauyù Kioke »
Lune »
Terre »
Xyauyu' Kentucky »

Teo had been trying for a long time to find a way to create a physical link between two great products of the earth – Beer and Wine –and two men – the master brewer Teo and his father Enrico, a wine grower. This dream has turned into reality with the creation of the “Baladin Cellar”, a tim...



The Open project was launched in 2008 with the first “open source” Italian beer. Its recipe, with the appropriate quantities for home brewing, was published on the Web and made publicly available. The goal was to share a recipe and a beer which could stir up interest and help spread the idea of Italian craf...


Pop »

Baladin POP (popular beer), the first Italian craft beer… in a can!

Beers on tap

Nelson »
Niña »
Brune »
Nazionale Esportazione »
Soraya »

Some of the Baladin beers are only available on tap: Brune, Niña and Nelson. Why? If bottled the first two would not do justice to the work of the master brewer. When poured, they are mixed with nitrogen to respect the styles they take inspiration from. Nelson, which replaces the first lager served at the pub in Piozz...



Since 1996, Baladin beers have been synonymous with Italian hand crafted beer. The first bottled beers - Super and Isaac - have been gradually followed by many others, which have attracted a growing number of consumers in Italy and abroad. Thanks to Teo’s creative flair and commitment, hand crafted beers are now served in the most refined restaurants and are included in the selections of the best pubs and shops. In these years, we have constantly and incessantly studied new ingredients and production methods, so as to always offer the best possible products. Today, Baladin beers - looked after with more and more skill by Paolo “Palli” Fontana and his team - are produced with the best technologies to ensure an artisanal product, constant in quality. More than 30 different flavors and bottle size and always new recipes ideas to add. Spiced beers: Isaac, Wayan, Nora. Pure Malt beers: Super, Elixir, Leön. Hoppy beers: Super Bitter, Nazionale. Special beers: Mielika, Mama Kriek, Zucca, Nöel Vanille, YI-ER, Etrusca. The Open beers: Open, Open Rock'n'Roll, Open Riserva, Open Noir. Baladin Cellar beers – Riserva Teo Musso:   Xyauyù Oro, Xyauyù Barrel, Xyauyù Fumè, Lune, Terre. Beers available only on tap: Nelson, Niňa, Brune. And then the beers made in collaboration with friends homebrewer during the special events "Brewer for One Day". Many? It will reach many more soon!

If you are curious to know the Baladin's historical beers you will find here.

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