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Chocolates for beer »

KIKKE by Baladin are delicacies made especially for us with our beers, or following a taste which we want to share. Simone from Sabadì has created a completely new product: a special chocolate which perfectly combines with beer. It is made from chocolate from Modica, interpreting its taste based on the combination wit...

Gelée di birra

Isaac Gelée »
Super Gelée »

“Gelée di Birra Isaac” are natural jellies made ​​with beer, sugar and natural thickener agar agar.

Panettone Baladin

Traditional »
Without candied »

The combination of two excellent products! The tradition of “panettone” from Piedmont of which Massimo Albertengo (Panettoni Albertengo) is one of the greatest interpreters,meets the new frontier of the Baladin “couch beers”. The classic taste of this soft Christmas cake is made even more intrig...


Frumage »

Teo with his friends Mario and Egidio Fiandino, have created the "Frumage" cheese using beer and malt barley  with vegetable rennet called Kinara (Kinara is patent by Fattorie Fiandino). Tell the producers: we wanted to create something unique, original in taste and aroma, which would blend with the flav...

Baladin home fragrances

Tobacco and citrus »
Citron and green tea »
Cinnamon and orange »
Vanilla and ginger »
Absinth and licorice »
Coffee cream »

Six fragrances made with natural essences and top quality ingredients. This is an accurate selection of aromas that Teo has dedicated to the world of taste and food. Simple scents which evoke “home” and pleasant feelings. Two lines have been developed: “Agrumati” (Citrus scents) and “Altri...



Some delicacies signed by Baladin are made by artisan producers who put their art at the service of Teo Musso’s taste. Some of these use our beers in their recipes, others are simply great products and we have decided to share the pleasure of tasting or smelling them with others…


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