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Scarampola brewery

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In 2008, Maurizio “Flibus” Ghidetti moved to the monastery in Santo Stefano a Millesimo and, two years later, decided to start a new project: opening a courtyard in the abbey cloister where he could serve his best beers, accompanied by tastings of local products. The brewery classic line – now produce...

Cascina Belvedere

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Riso extra carnaroli »

Over a hundred years ago, Cascine Belvedere was founded in the Italian region of Piedmont, and started a history made of people and passion. Back in 1878 Eusebio Picco, the son of rice growers himself, and his wife Marianna moved from Asigliano Vercellese to San Genuario. The waterrich Po Valley in the Vercelli area wa...

Tomatoes Miracolo di San Gennaro

Tomatoes »

Il Miracolo di San Gennaro is produced by the Sabatino Abagnale family. Lovers of their land – Campania – and its traditions, their goal is to relaunch the local faming business in the hope of attracting the interest of young generations and creating a future perspective for them. The farming activity focus...

Tomatoes il Pastaio di Gragnano

Tomatoes pastaio di gragnano »

Not all PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) San Marzano tomatoes can boast being canned by their own producers! San Marzano PDO tomatoes by “Il Pastaio di Gragnano” are the result of the work of young farmers who have resumed the work carried out for over a century by their ancestors, with a modern twist...

Olio & Orti

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The business belongs to the Roberto and Gino De Andreis brothers, bound by a passion which has marked their fates. The land of this passion is Liguria and olive groves are its green backdrop. The look of the farm explains its character better than a thousand words. It is located among olive trees overlooking the blue s...

Il Pastaio di Gragnano

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If beer comes from the Earth, Pasta too is a direct product of the Earth. For this reason, it was one of Teo’s priorities to find a traditional and exceptional pasta maker to include in his product selection. In 2005 Gragnano was the first town in the world to obtain the Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) labe...



Over time, Teo has come across producers who share the same passion for taste and excellent products. These friends have decided to rely on us to distribute part of their products through Selezione Baladin. Whether they are micro-breweries, pasta makers or oil producers, believe us: they are extraordinary producers and have been selected by Baladin just for you.

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