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The beer and gastronomic trips offered by Eatinerari and Baladin will take you to high quality wine stores, deli shops, bars and restaurants. This is a brand new idea. By purchasing the “Baladin Eatinerari del Gusto” box, you will immediately be able to enjoy the delicious “Gocce di Birra” pralines - a wonderful combination of excellent beer and chocolate – and  have the chance to choose a visit and tasting session, whenever you want, at one of the gastronomic producers chosen by Baladin in the “From Chocolate to Beer” itinerary. In addition, the price includes a complimentary product that you will receive at the time of the visit. This first experience of “taste travels” involves: Baladin Birrificio Agricolo (beer), Il Pastaio di Gragnano (pasta), Cascina Belvedere (rice), Sabadì (chocolate) and Az. Agricola Sabatino Abagnale (tomatoes). After purchasing the box, customers can book their experience on the web or by phone calling the Eatinerari travel agency. At booking time, you will be able to customize your travel package by adding any desired meals and overnight stays. This is a truly innovative offer and another step forward to promote high quality products and facilitate the purchase of Eatinerari trips – wine and food experiences to discover the “good stories of honest products”.

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