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Nöel Cafe'

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Nöel Cafè: Baladin’s beer for Christmas

It’s the beer which Teo dedicates to Christmas. Following our tradition, it is a top fermented, non pasteurized beer, which is refermented in the bottle. It is dark in color, has a full body and is very aromatic. It is brewed at the end of summer to give it the time to ferment and mature slowly in the bottle for a long period of time, so that it is ready to express all its complex aromatic scents once opened. The persistent head enhances the complex aromas of dried fruit, biscuit, chocolate and, this year, coffee! We have chosen no ordinary coffee: its name is “Terre Alte” and is a very sweet blend with spicy and fruity flavors. It is the result of the combination between two fine indigenous mountain coffee plants -  both Slow Food Presidia - from Guatemala (Huehuetenango) and Honduras (Montagna Campara). The coffee is wood roasted at the Turin detention facility, thus completing an approach based on solidarity and sustainability. 





Standard             75 cl.




Alc/Vol: 9.0%

Sugar density of the wort: 19.0 Plato degrees

Color: EBC 50 / 53

Bitterness units: IBU 20 / 24

Serving temperature: 12/14°C


Nöel Cafè is perfect with Christmas cakes and sweets, chocolate but also savory food, such as mature and blue cheese. Teo dreams of drinking it with mamma Maria’s “coniglio al civet” (rabbit stew).

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