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Bevi Frutta

Bevi Frutta



When we were children in the countryside around Piozzo, we used to drink “real” fruit juice made by our mums…


From this memory an idea came up, something that we shared with the "Mariangela Prunotto" farm: to conceive a modern product with the typical values of a long time ago.


In their orchards in the Langhe they farm and pick pears, apricots and peaches that Teo has decided to enrich with a selection of spices in order to create new and unique flavours.


“BEVIFRUTTA - DRINKFRUIT” were born with flavours: Pear and Ginger - Apricot and Bergamot - Peach and Coriander. 


Simplicity, taste and freshness without preservatives or additives.




Box of 12 bottles (20cl) for every single flavour

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