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Beermouth is an innovative product and, at the same time, it is strongly inspired by tradition.. It is the creation of Teo Musso's vision in the world of beer-making and experience in the use of spices, and of Dennis Zoppi and Giacomo Donadio's creativity and experimentation, as inventors of tastes and crossings between products from different realms.

Beermouth has an amber color, spicy and moderately balsamic notes, an elegant and well-balanced taste, with a citrusy character and a persistent and pleasantly acidic finish.

Beermouth is an unprecedented product that takes inspiration from the Piedmont tradition of Vermouth - in fact, it has been created in Piedmont, in the Baladin cellar in Piozzo. Hydroalcoholic extracts of aromatic herbs and spices are used to fortify a fermented drink used as a base. Only, we have replaced wine with beer.

The basis for Beermouth is one of Baladin’s iconic beers: Xyauyù.

Characterized by a complex aromatic profile and a strong body, it has no head nor gas.

Beermouth is made with 13 traditional botanicals, processed with innovative extractions techniques (using ultrasounds and low-temperature vacuum distillation) which preserve their fragrant aromas.

Alcohol content: 19% ABV

After a first launch phase, the already registered name will be made available to whoever wants to use it, after checking that the applicant complies with a few shared rules. The initiative aims at creating a new specific and well-identified type of product that can pave the way for a future commonly accepted tradition.





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