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At first sight, it may look like an anomaly in the landscape of Baladin places, but it is not really. Petit Baladin has a perfect vintage style, with furnishings and lamps combined in an intentionally alternative-chic patchwork, which is exactly what you would expect in the alternative quarter of San Salvario in Turin. However, what makes it different from most of the other joints in the area is the offer: Petit Baladin has a great selection of beers (Baladin, of course) which can be combined with “street food” dishes. The menu is carefully designed and varied; it often includes very interesting dishes, as well as recurring snacks such as the legendary “fatate” potatoes, or inviting and original dishes of the day. If you happen to be in Turin, even just for a short visit, do not forget to give Petit Baladin a try… you will not be disappointed!


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