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Ideas are at the basis of the success of Baladin. They originate from the whole work team as well as – of course – from Teo. They are energy in motion, creativity which needs expressing. Exchanging views, making suggestions: this is how we work. This is true for anything we do: from creating a new recipe to “dressing” the bottle with a new label. Opening a new joint, doing it up, transforming it and keeping it alive by choosing the right live performances or creating its BalaDJ playlists. Spreading the culture of Italian craft beer and of the Baladin thought. Creating events. We are always after new ideas to put forward: sometimes they are good, sometimes not so much. At times they are even unfeasible, but they are always shared and jointly developed. Do you also have ideas that you would like to let us know about? Contact us: we are always interested in what you think.


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