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“Because Beer is Earth!” Baladin has been saying this for years to explain that beer is the direct expression of the Earth and farming. To us Italians, it comes natural to think of wine in these terms, but is it much more unusual to make the same association when it comes to beer. For several years now, Baladin has been directly involved in the production of most of the ingredients used for its beers, and in January 2012 it officially became a farmer brewery. As a matter of fact, the work to reach this important goal started back in 2006 with the launch of our “Morally Controlled Production Chain” project. Today, we farm 100 hectares of spring two-row barley in Basilicata, in the south of Italy. When malted, it is the basic ingredients for all our beers. In Piedmont – in cooperation with the School for Agricultural Sciences in Cussanio (Cuneo) and the Tecnogranda company - we currently grow hops in a 1 hectare experimental field. This has allowed us to develop Nazionale, the first 100% Italian beer. In the family fields in Piozzo, we grow the cereals which we use raw, such as common wheat. Our ambition, objective and hope are to extend the production of hops in the next few years, and to start growing barley in Piedmont for the production of special malts. To this purpose, the plan is to set up a micro-malting facility inside the brewery. This is what we call a direct relationship with the Earth. Because Beer is Earth!


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