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For Teo Musso, beer is passion, an intense love for taste and certainly a form of expression. Through his recipes, he has communicated special moments in his life, sides of his being and his constant search for the perfect sensory balance. Isaac and Wayan tell of the birth of his children, while Nora tells a love story and memories of spices discovered in his journeys through Morocco. The more recent Nazionale expresses the commitment to working in direct contact with the Earth and the desire to be Italian. Cantina Baladin, with its many expressions of taste, deeply explains what it means to make beer to master brewer Teo Musso, and to make it in Piozzo, honoring his Land and his Family. “When someone drinks a Baladin beer, I always hope that I can convey taste, passion, and the desire to know and discover”. But one thing should be added. “Always remember - and remind us - that we are serious professionals who do not take themselves too seriously and who often like to play…”.


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