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Our Open Baladin beer has a very special story. It was created in 2008 as the fist “open source” Italian beer, as the recipe to make it was published on the Web with the exact instructions to make it with homebrewing equipment. The same year, we decided to dedicate our yearly competition for homebrewers to this specific recipe and challenged all participants to make its clone. The Open Baladin idea originally came from the desire to share a project: the creation of a beer dedicated to pubs and to be served on tap. Today the ambition is even higher: we want to share beer-making experiences from all over the world. At Baladin, the “Open” concept is an ever-evolving laboratory. To us, Open is a way to experiment tastes, spices, new approaches to the product and, sometimes, even to distribution channels. Open Baladin is the beer of sharing and we want to strongly emphasize this message. And we need your help to do it…

Today Open Baladin beers are 4: Open Gold (the original recipe), Open White, Open Amber and Open Rock'n'Roll. If you are curious, you can find them all here: OUR BEERS.

Take a look at the comics (only in Italian, sorry…) in the photo gallery here on the side.


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