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Open Baladin Turin is not “just” a pub. Its project is guided by an ambitious goal: turning Turin into the capital of Italian craft beer in northern Italy. How? By creating beer culture, the core of the whole “Open” project. OPEN. Open is an innovative project developed by Teo Musso “to shake the world of Italian craft beers. Our Open project is inspired by the open source approach and is based on sharing” (from “Baladin. La Birra artigianale è tutta colpa di Teo” – Baladin. Craft beer is all Teo’s fault – published by Feltrinelli). It all began with the name of a beer – Open - launched in 2008 as the first Italian open source beer. Its recipe, with suitable quantities for home brewing, was published on the Web and made available to everyone. The goal was to share a recipe to raise interest and help disseminate the idea of Italian craft beer. The Open concept gave birth to pubs, again aimed at spreading Italian craft beers. Open Baladin Turin is the third place of this kind, after the ones in Cinzano and Rome. They have all been created with the goal of promoting knowledge on Italian craft beer, offering an extremely wide range of carefully selected draught and bottled beers.

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