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Officially opened on September 23, 2009 in the very central “Via degli Specchi” in the “Campo dei Fiori” neighborhood, this pub, like the one in Cinzano, offers over 100 bottled beers from the best national productions… and much more! 40… yes, FORTY draught Italian beers representing, in just one place, the best that Italian craft brewers have to offer. Plus many other international, carefully selected beers. At Open Baladin in Rome the kitchen plays a more relevant role and offers a wide selection of ever changing, tasty daily menus as well as appetizing snacks, such as the now legendary “FATATE” - real, made-to-order potato chips with unique aromas (from licorice to garlic and pecorino cheese, sweet paprika and much more) - our “SCROCCHETTE”, the delicious sandwiches specially made by GABRIELE BONCI and the luxurious desserts which every day tantalize the palates of those with a sweet tooth. The magic of Open Baladin, combined with the magic of Rome, create a fascinating place which cannot be missed, even if just for a short stop.


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