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7 time proud. Are the awards won in 6 different categories in the Italian beer competition called “Beer of the Year 2015” organized by Unionbirrai. Baladin was found to be the most awarded brewery during the competition for both the total premium and for the number of categories in which its beers have got a result. We are proud! These awards give us new energy to work even harder to offer you beers with a strong personality, balance and although different, all together with the same soul! Teo!


And here's to you…


Category #11. English/American/Scottish Strong Ale.

Silver – Super Bitter


Category #14. Barley Wine, Old Ale.

Silver – Terre

Bronze – Xyauyù Kentucky


Category #20. Smoked Ale.

Gold – Xyauyù Fumè


Category #21. Aged in wood.

Gold – Xyauyù Caroni (version dedicated to the producer of rum in whose barrel the beer are aged - distributed by Velier).


Category #24. Sour beer.

Bronze – Nora Sour (special edition dedicate to USA market).


Category #25. Honey beer.

Bronze - Mielika


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