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On this issue, we are ambitious and aware at the same time.
We have embarked on a path towards becoming completely independent in covering our energy needs.
We want to invest to make sure that the environmental impact of our production processes is kept to a minimum.

- Solar energy: the current production plant uses solar cells for the production of electric and mechanical power; in optimal conditions, they can cover about 80% of the total energy needs of the plant. The rest of the energy is bought from providers of 100% renewable energy. For our future projects, our intention is to use innovative technologies to become officially independent from any external energy provider and be certified as such.
- Purification of wastewater: we collect all the wastewater from our processes and treat it through a purification plant which allows it to be reintroduced in the natural environment.
- Heat recovery: in order to optimize the energy flows, we use a heat recovery system in the beer refermentation room. The heat used in this controlled temperature warehouse (the beer that is stocked here must always be kept at about 23 °C) comes from the heat generated in the fermentation cellar. In other words, we use the heat generated by the fermentation of the wort in the fermentation vats. The process allows us to avoid the use of fuels.
- Processing of brewers grains: the brewery currently produces 1 ton of production scraps, the so-called brewers grains. Part of them is used as animal feed and as fertilizer. However, a truly innovative solution is currently being designed and will be applied to the future production plant. The brewers grain, after being treated with a specially developed machine by Baladin, will be the main source of heat for the entire plant (production, warehouse, reception area and offices).

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